The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is a non-profit 501©(3) association owned and managed by its members. The organization is dedicated to the academic and professional success of African-American engineering students and professionals. NSBE is comprised of more than 270 collegiate, 75 professional, and 75 pre-college chapters nationwide and overseas.

NSBE offers members professional development, leadership training, mentoring opportunities, community service and outreach programs.

NSBE believes that culturally responsible black engineers have a duty to share their talents and skills with peers as well as with young minds that aspire to professional success. NSBE serves as a vehicle to strengthen our tomorrow by providing Alumni members with opportunities to mentor and expose youth to the wonders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The Mission of the NSBE US Patent and Trademark Office Professionals (NSBE-PTO)

·       Develop and enhance NSBE programs

·       Increase technical and intellectual property awareness

·       Stimulate enthusiasm in the black engineering community in order to promote technical expertise, professionalism and fellowship

·       Provide a mentoring program for  helping patent examiners, especially junior patent examiners, to become more effective in examining patents and to further help the retention rate of the PTO.

Networking and professional development are critical elements to survive and thrive in the engineering profession. NSBE not only opens the door to opportunities in the technical world but also helps its Alumni members continuously sharpen their skills and knowledge.




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